Engineering Education in West Bengal

Engineering is one of the most important careers among most of the children in West Bengal. From the very young, they are trained to become engineers. Children who take up Science after Class 10, makes engineering its first choice. These days, parents enroll their children to coaching classes for preparing for various engineering entrance exams. The most common engineering branches that the children opt for in West Bengal are Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Civil Engineering. However, these days children opt for several new engineering streams like aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, genetic engineering and environment engineering. Some of the important engineering exams are GATEJEE MainNATA.

To enroll in engineering courses, children of West Bengal have the option to appear for either JEE or West Bengal Joint Entrance exam. Some of the top engineering colleges in West Bengal are IIT Kharagpur, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology Shibpur, Faculty of Engineering Jadavpur University, and Kalyani Government Engineering College. 

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