NCSM: National Council of Science Museums

The first science museum, Birla Industrial and Technological Museum (BITM), Kolkata under CSIR, was opened on May 2, 1959. In July 1965 the second science museum, Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum (VITM) was opened in Bangalore. After Kolkata and Bangalore, the work for the third centre at Mumbai was taken up in 1974. As the Science Museums grew in scope and size, the Union Planning Commission constituted a Task Force in early 1970’s to assess the activities of the Science Museums. 

In 1978, it was decided by the Government of India to delink from CSIR the two science museums already operating at Kolkata and Bangalore and also the one being set up at Mumbai and put them under a newly formed Society registered on April 4, 1978 as National Council of Science Museums (NCSM).

NCSM Objectives

  • To portray the growth of science and technology and their applications in industry and human welfare, with a view to develop scientific attitude and temper and to create, inculcate and sustain a general awareness amongst the people
  • To collect, restore and preserve important historical objects, which represent landmarks in the development of science, technology and industry
  • To design, develop and fabricate science museum exhibits, demonstration equipment and scientific teaching aids for science education and popularization of science
  • To popularize science and technology in cities, urban and rural areas for the benefit of students and for the common man by organizing exhibitions, seminars, popular lectures, science camps and various other programs
  • To supplement science education given in schools and colleges and to organize various out-of-school educational activities to foster a spirit of scientific enquiry and creativity among the students
  • To organize training programs for science teachers/students/young entrepreneurs/technicians/ handicapped/housewives and others on specific subjects of science, technology and industry
  • To render assistance to universities, technical institutions, museums, schools and colleges or other bodies in planning and organizing science museums and also in training of personnel for museum profession
  • To establish Centres for development of science exhibits and demonstration aids.

NCSM Activities

National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) communicates Science through the development of New Science Centres, New Exhibits and Galleries, New Mobile Science Exhibition on contemporary themes.
NCSM has also decided to open Innovation Hub in its centres to promote the culture of innovation and nature of inquiry among the young minds of Indian citizens.

Science Centres across India

  • Sub-Regional Science Centre, Jodhpur
  • Regional Science Centre at Coimbatore
  • Jorhat Science Centre & Planetarium

NCSM Role in Education

Research and Development (R & D) in NCSM
Central Research & Training Laboratory (CRTL), in Kolkata is the council’s central hub for professional training, research and development. CRTL is engaged in the Research and Training works related to development of Exhibits, galleries and Science centres/Science Museums. CRTL conducts workshops and Training program from time to time to enhance skills of manpower engaged with NCSM and its centre.

NCSM Contact Details

National Council of Science Museums
33, Block - GN, Sector - V, Bidhan Nagar Kolkata 700 091 West Bengal, India

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